Desk Phones

Colored Touchscreen Executive
Desk Phone
Polycom VVX 600

The VVX 600 business media phone delivers a best-in-class personal communications experience with an extensive list of easy-to-use features that complement the way you work.

Colored Touchscreen Business
Desk Phone
Polycom VVX 500

The Polycom VVX 500 business media phone is designed for today’s busy managers and knowledge workers. It is a powerful yet intuitive office phone that can keep up with their multitasking and schedule juggling.

Color Screen Business
Desk Phone
Polycom VVX 400

Give your call attendant a high-quality, cost effective UC solution that will handle their moderate call volume and provide them with the advanced telephony features they expect from a modern media phone.


Basic Business
Desk Phone
Polycom VVX 300

Give your cubicle worker the best experience with this high quality UC Business Media Phone. Designed for a broad range of environments for small and medium businesses.



Wireless Phones

Wireless IP-DECT Phone Server

This server can host up to 30 extensions and 12 simultaneous calls and pairs with all Spectralink IP-DECT phones. Ideal for the busy warehouse, factory, or garage.

Ultra Durable Wireless DECT

Extremely durable - resistant to dust, water, vibrations, and shocks - this is the perfect phone for industrial, manufacturing, garage, or any outdoor working environment.

Sleek Professional Wireless DECT

This intuitive handset is ideal for all workers and administrators with it's elegant design and robust feature set.


Single Wireless DECT Phone & Base

This all-in-one wireless telephone solution is perfect for warehouses, shops and retail stores. Working range of up to 150ft.



Analog Telephone & FAX Adapters



Analog Adapter

This adapter supports two independent lines for use with multi-line phones, traditional PBX integration or if you have more than one FAX machine.

Analog Adapter

This adapter is an ideal solution for businesses looking to connect one or more analog lines of a traditional PBX to our VoIP phone service.


Wireless Headset

Wireless headset with battery talk time of up to 12 hours. Provides true 300' wireless freedom in an office with remote answer/end and ring tone signaling.

Polycom Color Expansion Module

Optimal solution for telephone attendants - receptionists, administrative assistants, secretaries, and other "power users" who manage multiple simultaneous telephone calls on a daily basis.


Provide power and internet to a PoE capable deskphone through a single ethernet cable using this inline Power-over-Ethernet injector.

8-Port 10/100 PoE
Managed Switch

Perfect for powering all your office desk phones from a central location. Powers up to eight PoE capable phones per switch.